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5 ways a handyman can help renew your bathroom on a budget

Bathrooms are one of the most heavily used rooms in any home, and that footfall can mean that the room can start to look a little tired after only a few years. Luckily, you do not need a full bathroom renovation to transform your bathroom back to its former glory, and with the help of a skilled London handyman you might only need to make a few tweaks to make the room look as good as new.

Here are five ways a handyman can help your refresh your bathroom on a budget

  1. Repaint the room

Bathrooms are constantly exposed to steam, and that can cause the paint on the walls to peel and look a little unloved after just a few years. Repainting your bathroom will immediately bring the room back to life, and why not decide on a new colour at the same time for a little variation? A local painter and decorator will help you pick out a complimentary colour for the room and will be able to repaint the entire room in half the time that it would take you to do it yourself and they will deal with the clean up too!

  1. Regrout the tiles

No matter how fastidious you are about cleaning the bathroom tiles, the grouting between them will eventually start to discolour and this can make the room feel a little dirty and unloved. A local handyman can regrout the tiles with a clean white silicone-based grout depending and make the tiling look as good as new with the expense of replacing all the tiles themselves.

  1. Replace the flooring

Some bathrooms have tiled floors, which can be refreshed by replacing the grouting as explained above, but many others have vinyl flooring that can start to warp after a few years of solid use. These flooring materials have come on hugely in recent yours and modern vinyl flooring can look just as stylish and expensive as tiles, and is warmer underfoot too. A handyman can remove the old flooring and replace it with some beautiful patterned modern vinyl flooring that is made to measure without breaking the bank.

  1. Change the taps

Bathroom taps are turned on and off dozens of times each day and so eventually they will start to wear out. Fixing a dripping tap is a relatively quick job for a handyman plumber, but to refresh your bathroom you could also upgrade the taps to a single mixer tap (no more scolding hot water) that better fits in with your style.

  1. Add a new bathroom cabinet or some vanity storage

Bathrooms can often feel cluttered because people leave everything on the surface as there is not sufficient storage space in the room. This problem can be quickly solved if you have the space by adding a new storage space to the room, with great looking new flatback bathroom cabinets and under-sink vanity storage options available at places like Ikea, Dunelm, and Wayfair for under a hundred pounds. A local handyman can help you pick out a style of furniture to fit the room and help put together any flatpack furniture that you buy, to get your bathroom looking better than ever in no time.