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How to upgrade your home on a budget this January

As we move into the new year, now is a great time to make some affordable home improvements to your property to keep it feeling fresh. Whether your style is cosey and warm or modern and bright, here are six changes you can make for under £1,000 this month to start 2023 in style despite the cost of living crisis.

Repaint your front door

An update to your front door may not be your first thought when thinking of making some home improvements, but as it is the first thing you and guests see when they enter your home it can have a big impact. Most front doors will only need a fresh coat of paint to make them look brand new again and changing the colour (with a few coats of paint) can be a fantastic way to add a new look to the whole exterior of your home for little outlay.

If you don’t have the time or are worried about how best to repaint your front door, then your favourite London painters and decorators can help. We can share advice on selecting the best colour and type of paint for your door and then get the job done quickly and without fuss.

Lay a stylish stair runner

If you have a wooden staircase, then adding a stair runner – a narrow rug or section of carpet – down the centre of the stairs can add an extra bit of interest to your home. If your home has an entrance hallway then the staircases is often one of the first things people see as they enter your home, so brightening it up with a bold coloured or striped runner can be a great way to add some vibrancy to the area. And as a bonus it will dampen the sound of footsteps as people go up and down the stairs.

Our team of handymen decorators can help you choose the right sort of carpet or rug to match your style and securely fix the stair runner in place, all well within your budget.

Build bespoke shelves

No matter the size of the property, somehow there is just never enough storage space. Bespoke shelves are an excellent way of making use of the most difficult corners and awkward recesses and providing you with the extra space you need. To make shelves that fit these troublesome places you will probably need to build some bespoke shelves, and our talented London handyman carpenters are here to help. Bespoke shelves and bookcases do not need to break the bank, get in touch today with your needs and we will offer you a very competitive quote.

Change your kitchen worktops

The worktops in your kitchen get a lot of use. Over time those spills and splashes will start to leave a stain and that can make your kitchen feel tired and worn-out. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you should be able to create a classic style that won’t go out-of-date with a faux marble or faux wood laminate work surface that create the illusion of a high-cost design.

Our team of highly-skilled decorators can help you chose the right colour and style for your work surface to match your kitchen as well as help you source and fit the worktops for a competitive rate.

Add a new splashback to your kitchen sink

Many kitchens do not have a splashback at all, whilst others come installed with some tiling that can quickly start to look tired as the grouting starts to discolour. A quick and low-cost way to revitalise your kitchen is by updating your splashback, either by adding something colourful and stylish or just regrouting the tiles you have to make the kitchen feel bright and new once again.

Upgrade to a power shower

The shower is one of the most-used items in any home and yet many properties suffer with low water pressure that can make taking a shower a disappointing experience. Luckily, upgrading to a power shower is not a huge expense and by installing a pump to increase the pressure and thermostatic valve to maintain a more even water temperature your showers can be the revitalising and invigorating experience they should be!

Our multi-skilled handyman plumbers can help your choose the best pump and valve for your shower and install them quickly and without fuss so that you can have the shower you always dreamed about without breaking the bank.