General Handyman Services
You probably have been in a situation many times in your home or business facility, annoyed about “small and simple” things you notice to be wrong? And when they annoyed you enough, did you try to fix them yourself, pretending to be a DIY Handyman? Our experience tells that almost 100% of our clients have at least once been in a similar situation that generally did not have the happiest of outcomes. For you to avoid similar experiences in the future, we suggest that you leave all the “Handyman’s fun” around annoying little things to us professionals, because we will save you time, money and a lot of nerves. We can do some of the following:
  • Replacement of household appliances (hoods, ovens, hobs, etc.)
  • Replacement of plumbing fittings (valves, toilet bowls, taps, etc.)
  • Replacement of electrical fittings (bulbs, chandeliers, sockets, etc.)
  • Assembling and repairing furniture
  • Installation of wall TV brackets
  • Installation of mirrors, paintings, curtain rails Repairs and replacement of locks, hinges, handles on doors and windows
  • Repairs and replacement of damaged plaster walls and ceilings
  • Emergency interventions (water leakage, heating failure, etc.)
  • Other small jobs at your request