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Today, it is probably almost impossible to find a house, apartment or business facility where there is not at least one interior wall or ceiling built with plasterboards.

The plasterboards appearance has significantly improved, simplified, and accelerated modern construction quality, like an older buildings renovation.

The possibilities of applying plasterboards are almost endless, from the construction of partition walls and suspended ceilings of various shapes and even to the construction of pieces of furniture.

According to your wishes and needs, we will be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. Together with drywall construction techniques, we can create and build a unique space in your home or business facility wholly tailored to you.






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    frequently asked questions

    In either case, the first step would be removing the old drywall if necessary, and then measuring, cutting and installing the new drywall. Once the drywall is on the frame, a taper will start applying the compound, taping and sanding. The first coat of mud will take about a day to dry. Then they will come back to your house the next day to repeat that process, and then the next day until there is enough compound to sand down to a perfectly smooth finish.

    The time it will take will depend on the scope of your project. Installing drywall in an unfinished basement will obviously take a lot more time than patching up a section a damaged wall. For a full basement remodel, the drywall process can take a week or more. Remember that the drywall mud will have to dry over night and the contractor will have to return to your property for several days to complete the task. When you book your job, we will give you a detailed schedule on how long your project will take.

    In some cases, a DIYer could repair minor drywall damage themselves. Small holes or cracks can be repaired using supplies from the local building supply store. However, if the damage requires a large patch or is extensive, it is recommended that you hire a drywall contractor. Without the knowledge and expertise, you could be left with noticeable seams or bumps along the wall. A professional drywall contractor will give you a smooth and seamless finish every time.