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We have you covered with our tiling.

Laying tiles is perhaps one of the biggest challenges in furnishing a home or office space for both investors and contractors in financial and technical terms, whether it is a new facility or a renovation of an existing one.

Ceramics, porcelain, terracotta are just some of the materials which we use to make modern tiles. Tiles should primarily be functional for the purpose and space they are, first of all, made for, such as bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, hallways, floors, walls, etc. At the same time, tiles play an important role in exceptional fashion and design detail, reflecting your personal identity’s imprint.

After deciding to install new tiles in their home or business space, most people invest a significant amount of time, energy, and money to choose the best possible design and quality of new tiles, which exactly match their wishes and expectations. That somehow has become a take for granted as logical and normal because, after all, tiles are not or should not be something that changes every day.

Simultaneously, the sad reality is that most people do not devote the same amount of energy and time to choosing the right and proven company or person who will install their carefully selected and often costly tiles. In practice, when people find an adequate master or a company with great recommendations, they try to save some money on finishing works. In most cases, this is a recipe for very frustrating, costly and long-term mistakes that are generally almost impossible to correct once the tile adhesive has set.

From our vast experience in laying tiles, we would single out two crucial things that we want people to understand.
Firstly, choose a proven company or a proven master with great recommendations and go through all the details of your wishes and expectations regarding tiles because you will still have to look at them and use them daily for a long time.
Secondly, the selling price of tiles does not reflect their actual quality and real value. A high retail price is not a guarantee that these tiles are suitable for your needs or they are good as their price, or the retailer who sells them suggests they are.






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    frequently asked questions

    The simple answer to this no. Walls tiles are not suitable for use on a floor. However many tiles are multi-use for walls and floors. You just need to check they are suitable for use on a floor, then they can be used on walls.

    With modern day adhesive technology it is possible to tile onto a lot of different surfaces. The secret is all about the preparation and using the correct adhesive.
    In most cases you can if the existing tiles are sound and the substrate they are fixed to is sound. However, using the correct adhesive to achieve this is very important. Installing tiles on top of existing tiles does have it’s issues though.
    Tiles are fired at very high temperatures when they are manufactured, which means they can easily withstand the heat from a wood burner or stove. Some ceramic tiles might show some ‘crazing’ in the glaze, a cobweb type pattern, if they are exposed to high temperatures again. So porcelain tiles are ideal for use around a wood burner or stove.
    Matt porcelain tiles are the best choice for tiling outdoors. Porcelain tiles with a textured surface will also help stop the tiles becoming slippery when wet. Natural stone tiles such as granite, slate and travertine can also be used externally.
    Yes natural stone does need sealing before installation. This helps protect the surface of the stone from collecting dirt, adhesive and grout during installation. Natural stone also needs sealing periodically after installation to ensure the beauty of the stone is preserved.